6 Tips to help you work from Home Amid Covid-19

In light of what’s happening around us in the world, many companies around the globe have implemented a “remote working” strategy and requested employees to work from their homes for their own safety aligning with quarantine requirements.

We know that working from home for many people can be difficult, puzzeling, and some might feel unproductive during these times.

As remote workers, there are usually some unexpected outcomes between how we imagined our day will go and how it actually ends up.

But despite all endless statistics about how remote work increase productivity and can make us have more self-discipline. Working from home is a relatively new concept that takes a lot of trial & error before finding a routine that works for each individual.

However, with some planning, practice, and diligence there are little tweaks & tips that you can add to our routine, in order to turn your remote work expectations into an effective daily reality.

  • Getting an Early Start 

Try getting up early as if you are heading to your office, take a fresh shower, make yourself a hot cup of coffee and if you are a breakfast person then prepare a hearty breakfast, plug in your computer and you are ready to go.

  • Prioritize Your Tasks 

Planning out your day and setting your to-do list will help you achieve a lot during the day. Try doing so without any pressure, you can listen to music, watch the news, scroll down on social media while doing your to-do list. Working from home gives you the flexibility you need to accommodate different time zones, while allowing you breathing room to sleep in when needed, or wrap up earlier than needed.

  • Make Your Early Hours Count 

Try not to waste your time during the morning, because early morning hours are the best to finish and deliver all necessary tasks. Try to schedule your meetings mid-day or at the end of the day because most probably after the meeting you won’t be able to focus as much as you did at the beginning of the day. And most importantly, maintain a routine.

  • Bed” Is Not the Right Workstation

Working from bed might sound tempting nowadays specially with the current situation but your brain won’t be 100% ready to receive the work load, and even minor tasks might take more time when working from the comfort of your bed. Try finding a comfortable spot with good lighting and if you have view that would even be better.

  • Get Face time

Your colleagues are all going through what you are, and sometimes, having a video conference all together will get the team spirit back right where you left off.

  • Maintain positivity

The greatest tool you can have in such times is your perspective, make sure your attitude is always in check.  With the lack of facetime, many messages would not display the write tonality, so exclamation marks and emojis are your friends now.

Working from home, does not mean that you have to work 24/7, make sure to always take your breaks, have a small side talks, have lunch with your family if you wish so. All of these small details will increase our self-discipline and productivity.

Ghalia Sukkar

Executive Assistant – MD Office

The M Lab Office

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